Pre-Travel Entry from All Countries. NegativeCOVID-19 PCR test done within 72h of departure(children underage 2 are exempted). Complete Health Travel Authorisation at Valid Travel & Health insurance to cover COVID-19 related quarantine, isolation ortreatment. Entry/stay conditions will not be affected by COVID-19 Vaccination status; but visitors are strongly encouraged to be fully immunised before travel.

Arrival and Stay Stay in any certified tourism establishments. Where a visitor is residing in a certified tourism establishment in Seychelles, they need not take a routine Day 5 PCR test2. Where this is not the case, visitors are expected to take a day 5 PCR test.

Notes Conditions for stay for children up to age 17, will be as for the parent/guardian they are accompanying. All visitors must report any illness at any point during stay to hotel management and public health authority for further evaluation. Anyone tested positive, and/or assessed to be a close contact, will be required to undergo isolation or quarantine as per national protocols.

Download full Health Entry and Stay Conditions for Travellers document.